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PowerfulBibleVerses.Com is about bringing attention and clarity to explicit biblical truths that modern-day Christianity as a whole, has completely abandoned. In particularly, Sunday Christendom. Whether God’s truths are being purposely, or deliberately ignored- or perhaps through having been deceived, matters not. What matters is that these truths be brought to the forefront and be made explicitly clear to everyone so that there will be no confusion as to their relevance in this New Covenant era. It’s important that you Know The Truth! And Powerful Bible Verses aims to expose it and lay it all out in the open for your benefit.

The biblical truths that we will be focusing on mostly, but not exclusively, are a part of God’s eternal Law. They consist of His Holy Sabbath, His Dietary Law, and His Holy Days. I call these the Big Three! These are the three Laws of God, which are a part of His overall Law, that have been completely abhorred and cast aside by the confused and deceived masses. These are the biblical laws that have been highly contested in doctrinal conversations. They have caused divisions among Sabbath Day worshippers and Sunday worshippers alike.

Aside from those, we will also be focusing on other ignored truths like, What really happens when we die? Once saved, always saved? Are we immortal? The New Covenant- what is it? A Secret Rapture? The Millennium, Works, Faith, and Grace, etc..

PowerfulBibleVerses.Com will validate and prove these lost truths through explicit biblical scripture. Unlike the vast majority’s so-called proofs- which are nothing more than their own private interpretations of scripture, we will use the bible’s own explicit language alone, as our evidence to make our case. Of course, we shall also use logic and sound reasoning. We will also use some Tools of Logic like the rule of Non-Contradiction, to balance out our points of view and make bare our case.

If you are somebody searching for the truth and biblical clarity, especially in regards to God’s Law, then you have come to the right place. You will benefit greatly from this website. But if you are somebody that will not take well to explicit biblical evidence and sound logic, but will hold on to your own private interpretations as being the absolute truth in spite of the screaming contradictions from opposing scriptures, then this site- nor any other for that matter, will be of any help to you.

No. This website is for those who are diligently and sincerely seeking the truth- God’s truths, in all of these matters. If this is you, then we welcome you to PowerfulBibleVerses.Com! We hope you enjoy our carefully crafted articles and pray that you will be abundantly blessed by them. Please make sure to come back often as we regularly update our website with fresh content.

Thanks for dropping by. Make sure to tell your friends about us. If you have any questions in regards to any biblical topics, any of our articles, or have any general concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: powerfulbibleverses@gmail.com.






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