FAIR and BALANCED Supreme Court

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The only way, to once-and-for-all, have a permanent, Fair and Balanced Supreme Court, is to start off with a “permanent platform” of 4 lifetime appointed Democrat Justices and 4 lifetime appointed Republican Justices- and have each one confirmed in the usual manner that they are today- regardless of the current POTUS’ political affiliation at that time.

This platform would always be maintained and gives each Political Party, a permanent, equal voice in the Supreme Court.

The tie-breaking, and 9th Supreme Court Justice, gets appointed by the “People of the United States” at the time of each Presidential Election and in the following manner…

To truly reflect the OVERALL “Will of the People”, the Political Party that wins the Popular Vote at each Presidential Election, regardless of the Electoral College victor, gets to Appoint AND Confirm- without any input from the losing Party, the People’s Justice to the Supreme Court.

Without input from the losing Party, this assures that the “Will of the People” is untainted, truly preserved, and therefore, heard and mandated.

This Justice- the People’s Justice, would serve 4 year terms, being confirmed, reconfirmed, or replaced, EXCLUSIVELY by the Political Party garnering the Majority Vote (Popular Vote) at the time of each Presidential Election.

This system, would render the most FAIR and BALANCED Supreme Court ever, totally eliminating any political stunts and steals, from any political party in the Senate, and therefore, would equally represent both Political Parties, as well as allowing the Voice of the People as a whole, to have the decisive representation in the SCOTUS.

In these political and tumultuous times, the time has finally come for the Supreme Court of the United States to get a much needed, and well deserved upgrade. One, that will equally represent each political party, as well as allowing the overall, American citizenry, to have the loudest voice in the highest Court of the United States.

The time has come to reform the Supreme Court. It’s time for Congress to act.




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