Ivermectin Tablets 12mg Each

Ivermectin 12mg Tablets

Ivermectin Tablets 12mg Each. Sold ONLY in Strips of 10 Tablets Each.

Remember, each 12mg tablet, goes 4 times further than a 3mg tablet. For example, a person weighing between 111-130 pounds, would need 12mg of Ivermectin for a single dose. That would require “four” 3mg tablets, compared to “only one” 12mg tablet.

Ivermectin Dose By Body Weight

A packet of 20- 3mg tablets, is a total of 60mg. And costs an average of $100.

One Strip of 10- 12mg tablets, is a total of 120mg of Ivermectin and is the equivalent of 40- 3mg tablets. One strip of 10- 12mg tablets, is also the equivalent of 2 packets of 20- 3mg tablets, which would average around $200 for both packets here in the USA, compared to only $30 for the Strip of 10-12mg tablets.

Therefore, one Strip of 10- 12mg Ivermectin tablets for $30, is not only double the mg(s), but is also a much better value than a packet of 20- 3mg Ivermectin tablets, which would cost about $100.

And, for even a much better deal, you can buy a full box of 100- 12mg tablets for only $300 while they last. Yes! I know! $300 is a lot of money! But guess what, we had already spent close to 3 GRAND over an 8 month period, doing all we could in trying to rid ourselves of these invisible, biting demons that were driving us nuts, to no avail! Until these life savers came into play. We paid $1,200 for these 4 boxes of Ivermectin 12mg tablets- and after the fact, we are so glad we did! As our home is now scabies free, and so are we!

These Ivermectin tablets were manufactured overseas in India, just like the brand name of Ivermectin- Stromectol, which is also manufactured overseas, but in China. Who cares where they are manufactured at, as long as they are legit and work. Unfortunately, here in the USA, we don’t pay the low prices they do in China or India… here, we pay the highest prices in the world, but of course, you knew that already. 

Even though, I bought them way cheaper than the current prices here in the States, I wasn’t happy spending that much money at one time. I was willing to buy one- and even two boxes for $300 each, but the guy we bought them from, wouldn’t have any of it. The only way he would sell them was 4 boxes at a time. I guess he was only trying to get some of his money back too. He said that’s the price he had paid for them as well. But, I’m sure he must have also sensed that we were desperate for them. And we were! So he forced us to buy more than what we actually wanted.

It’s like this, when you have an unbearable, throbbing toothache, that’s getting excruciatingly more painful at every heartbeat, and you have no insurance and no money… at that point in time, you don’t care what you have to do to get the money! Sell the car! Sell the furniture! Sell one of the kids! At that point, you don’t care what you have to do- all you want is for the pain to stop and go away as soon as possible. And that’s how a bad, and severe case of scabies, is as well. You just want your life and your sleep back no matter what you have to do. And I am so thankful that we finally got ours back!

If you haven’t read my personal story of SCABIES FROM HELL, yet, please do so. This post, is a direct result of that experience… and will make more sense if you read that one first.

NOTICE of DISCLAIMER: BEFORE YOU BUY, make sure that it has been determined by your doctor or healthcare provider, that it is safe for you to take oral Ivermectin at the specified doses and times THEY have determined for you. PLEASE DON’T BUY IF YOU HAVEN’T CONSULTED WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST. Otherwise, you’re buying at your own health risk, and in doing so, you agree that you won’t hold this web site, the owner of this web site, the web master, host (s), and any other affiliates, associates, etc… or anyone else that may have a connection to this web site in one way or another, liable, for any adverse reactions or side effects, that this product (Ivermectin 12mg) may, or may not have on you, for failure to have consulted with your doctor or healthcare provider first, before purchasing and/or consuming this product (Ivermectin 12mg).



->And remember to take into account that it takes FOUR 3mg tablets, to make JUST ONE 12mg tablet. So you get more value and more quantity for a lesser price!

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**Product will be shipped within 24 hours after payment.

***Purchase IS FINAL – NO RETURNS! So PLEASE make sure you understand everything before you buy.

****NOTE: NO Shipping outside of the USA!

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