Jesus Was Sinless

Jesus Was Sinless

Jesus was sinless… and that’s how he died.

So in dying “a sinless” death, He validated the Law forbidding the eating of UNCLEAN animals.

Before dying, Christ made a profound statement- saying that EVERY prophecy concerning Him, WOULD COME TO PASS:

Luke 24:44 – Jesus said to them, “This is what I told you while I was still with you. EVERYTHING written about me MUST HAPPEN. Everything written about me in the Law of Moses, THE PROPHETS and the Psalms MUST COME TRUE.” (NIrV)

Now, for all of you chronic deniers who consistently keep making these outrageous excuses about this particular matter, here is one of the prophecies concerning the RETURNING Christ:

Isaiah 66:16 – The LORD will bring everyone into court. He will use fire and his sword to punish those he finds guilty. HE WILL PUT MANY PEOPLE TO DEATH.
Isaiah 66:17 – “Some people set themselves apart and make themselves pure…They do what the “worship leader” tells them to do. They eat the meat of PIGS and rats. They also eat OTHER THINGS “I HATE”. All of those people will come to a horrible end,” announces the LORD. (NIrV)

An astounding prophecy!

Let’s clarify a bit.

This is a FUTURE prophecy in regards to the RETURNING Jesus Christ. And it is saying that God HATES some of the things people are eating, which includes PIGS, rats, and “OTHER” things!

The OTHER things are no doubt what makes up the rest of the Unclean or prohibited animals of God’s Law, such as rabbit, shrimp, catfish, lobster, crab, oysters, squirrels, etc…

But how can this be?

Mainstream religion teaches that God no longer enforces the Law banning the eating of unclean animals. And by church/pastoral proclamation, the masses choose to believe their “worship leaders” instead, and so, freely eat unclean animals.

And yet, according to this prophecy, at the end of the age, God is still standing right there saying, “NO! I will punish you for eating these unclean animals!”

So, this is what it comes down to. Your church Leader erroneously tells you that because God no longer enforces the Law banning the eating of unclean animals, this prophecy “CAN’T” possibly be coming true.

So according to them, you are safe and permitted to freely eat of any of them.

But yet, Jesus Christ has confirmed that this prophecy WILL BE COMING TRUE! And by doing so, warns of great danger for those who purposely and continuously defy this Law.

Did Jesus Lie about this?

According to scripture, Jesus was sinless! He died WITHOUT sin. So He couldn’t have!

So either your “Worship Leader” is lying to you; or Isaiah and Jesus Christ, are.

The latter would make Isaiah a false prophet and Jesus Christ a liar and a sinner.

You can’t have it both ways!

Either the prophecy isn’t coming true, and therefore, Jesus lied- making Him a sinner.

Or the prophecy is coming true just as spoken by the prophet Isaiah, and Jesus was sinless, dying without sin.

Therefore, making your Church Leader- THE LIAR.

Take your pick!

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