The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Do you believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ?

As followers of God, if you don’t believe that we are obligated to obey His Seventh-Day Sabbath as He commands (Leviticus 23:3), then you ARE NOT repenting of sin and believing in the gospel of salvation.

If you don’t believe that we are obligated to stop eating unclean animals- as He commands (Leviticus 11), then you ARE NOT repenting of sin and believing in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you don’t believe that we are obligated to keep His Holy Days (or festivals) in place of pagan god festivals like Christmas & Easter as He commands (Lev 23 & Deut 12:29-31), then you ARE NOT repenting of sin and believing in the gospel of repentance.

And even though, NO ONE is or has ever been perfect, because no one can possibly keep God’s Law perfectly for the rest of their lives and God KNOWS this… He still EXPECTS US to obey His Law to the best of our abilities.

Obeying God’s Law in order to obtain eternal life, is actually taught in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For More, See: A Relationship With God Through His Law

And so, in order to do so, requires a genuine, ongoing effort in our part. It’s called willful obedience and servitude to His Will for as long as we live. That’s how He wants us to LOVE and to WORSHIP Him… according to HIS WILL.

Many people are under the false impression that God accepts us just as we are, so they make no further attempts to align their lives with God’s WILL. Or, they feel that God CONTINUES to accept us IN THE SAME CONDITION as the PRACTICING sinners that WE WERE when we initially came to the Cross.


When we come to the feet of Christ for the first time in repentance of our sins, does He forgive us and then encourages us to cast aside God’s Law?


John 8:11 – And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you (forgiveness); GO AND SIN (break God’s Law) NO MORE.”

Repentance means to feel regret and sorry for having broken God’s Law (sinned). It means THAT AFTER you’ve been forgiven from breaking God’s Law, YOU WILL NOW start living a life of obedience to God and His Will, that is worthy of that forgiveness.

That’s why he empowers us with the Holy Spirit to be able to do this (Ezekiel 36:27).

It’s true that God accepted us in the wretched and sinful condition which WE WERE in when we INITIALLY came to the foot of the Cross in REPENTANCE of BREAKING HIS LAW (SIN). But AFTER the Cross (conversion), we are expected to live in opposition to sin (Romans 6:1-2).

Therefore, He now deals with us and our sin a little different THAN BEFORE:

Hebrews 10:26 – Dear friends, if we DELIBERATELY CONTINUE SINNING (Practicing Lawlessness) AFTER we have received knowledge of the truth, THERE IS NO LONGER ANY SACRIFICE THAT WILL COVER THESE SINS.
Hebrews 10:27 – THERE IS ONLY the terrible expectation of God’s judgment and the raging fire that will consume His enemies.

WHAT compels a man who claims to be a follower of God, to disdain, and willfully keep away from embracing God’s Holy Law?

There is absolutely no justification for this absurdity.


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